Samsung GT-S5610–my review

s5610The Samsung S5610 mobile phone that I bought recently is a good phone when it comes to 5mp auto-focus camera with LED flash. The battery is a plus–and a price too!–compared to my Android phone battery-hungry Samsung GT-S5570. The operating system of Samsung S5610 if I’m not mistaken is Bada, just a simple operating tasks of getting/sending messages, voice call, alarm clock, calendar, memo, phone logs, few java application/games to download, etc.. My complain it’s only 6MB whereas the phone have 108MB to spare, and it have system applications that I can’t delete (of course). You can check the specifications of S5610 model here. The model is Primo, but mine doesn’t have a seconday camera, so it’s Utopia.

The phone’s design/built is made of metal, unlike other Samsung models that are plastic. The back cover for the battery is tightly fitted, making the phone more durable if a child wants to open it, he’ll have a hard time opening, unlike the one I have tested, the Nokia Asha 302, the back cover is terrible.

The maximum recording time for FM radio is 40-41 minutes (reaching memory full and saves automatically). The file size is 37-38MB. You can record again immediately after reaching the maximum minutes.

Watching mp4 movies is painful if the file size is more than 100Mb. It lags and suddenly stop. So, it’s not a multimedia experience because it’s impossible to watch a whole movie like ‘Lord of the Rings.’ The only watchable movies are short films like cartoons.

The system’s music player is a mess. It always update if you’re doing something on your SD card; meaning all the music like ringtones, notifications, music are all there mixed together. There are java applications of music player you can download in the internet where you can play music based on the folder you put the files, the problem is it can’t run on the background. I wish Samsung fix their music player.

The LED flash is great and I use it as a flashlight by holdingĀ  the navigation key up. To turn off, same procedure.

The images produced by the camera is great, but not so great compared to the point-and-shoot-cameras, much more on DSLRs. There’s a macro mode sample I’ve taken:

Macro mode feature from Samsung S5610

Another sample image by using every option available like landscape mode:


Sample image taken by Samsung S5610

More future update for this phone.

3 thoughts on “Samsung GT-S5610–my review

  1. :roll: i like this phone its made of metal,i lke the color options too mine is metallic gold :D , photo editor is good (and complete) ,display is Bright! Ican read in dark room without turning the torch on,
    :cry: BUTTT,,,,,
    the speaker sound is low (and weak),
    very limited Java apps install which almost unsupported for java,
    i can only install Opera mini version 4.xx ,higher version is not supported,
    NO MultiTab browsing! Only available with UCBrowser

    Cheers :mrgreen:

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